Hungry, Cold Birds

Red-bellied woodpecker, blue jay and baby bluebird.

Well, it was cold, cold, cold out, but I was trying to finish the grass and weed pulling before it gets hot, hot, hot. So I did all the backyard flowerbeds, shrieked in terror when, without having gardening gloves on like I should have, nearly pulled up a snake with the weeds. I got my shovel out, scooped the cold critter up, and put him on the island of plants in the middle of our street. Hopefully, he stays there. That’s the second snake I’ve found in my plants this year while pulling weeds. They’re good, not evil, but I still don’t want them in the plants, giving me a heart attack.

I kept thinking, people are going to think I’m planning to dig up the irises in the island flowerbed. I mean, who would carry a shovel across the street otherwise, right? A neighbor was leaving in her car, and rolled down her window, and said, “Snake, right?”

I laughed. “Yes! But I don’t want him in my yard.”

She motioned to the island flowerbed and said, “That’s a great place for him.”

Yep, if he stays there! I put on my gloves after that. lol

So I reached 7,000 words yesterday SEAL Wolf Surrender, and I’m off to write. You know, I only tell you this to keep me accountable, whether you want to hear it or not. Just so you know. lol If I tell someone, then I feel guilty if I don’t get to my word count each day (minus the two days I have baby–between running after her and being worn out by the time she leaves, I need me time)…but even then, I try to get some word count to get ahead. In fact, I’d blocked out the week for jury duty, so I wasn’t scheduled to write anything. That means I’m 7,000 words ahead. I was supposed to write my first 2,000 today. 🙂 But I tell myself, they don’t count–in other words–I don’t get a reprieve. I just have them in case something happens and I CAN’T write.

So with that said, I need to get my word count and make a bear!!! Have a lovely day!


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