Brrr It’s Cold out There!

I reached over 4,000 words yesterday–76,000 to go, and man, we had a 40-degree drop in temperature and it was rainy all day. It was nice, really. If I’d dressed warmer. I kept thinking it was going to warm up! With a rainy day and blustery wind, it was chilling! I must look at the weather forecast more often.

These are pink gerbera daisies (filled with rainwater), yellow coreopsis, and red ranunculus (buttercup). What’s neat is that they’re all perennials. Like my stories, they keep coming back, keep growing, and are beautiful. Well, at least the flowers are. lol

It’s still cold! But I bundled up better today. The dogs won’t go out without me and I’m rushing them to do their business. At least it will warm up soon, and it isn’t as cold as the blue north. I think my friends in Minnesota and Chicagoland and all those other cold places won’t ever get out of the deep freeze. Sending warm wishes to melt the snow!

Have a great one! Back to the story. 🙂 <3


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