Oh No! Christmas in July!

Neighbor’s Cat–Turned into an Oil Texture

So I was wracking my brain for a story idea for the Red Wolf Christmas novel. I write a Christmas story every year for my publisher. My stories are always romantic suspenses full of mystery and wolves or jaguars, of course. And every time I try to come up with a new idea for Christmas, I get myself sidetracked in the suspense and mystery. Wait! It’s Christmas.

That sent me in a whole other direction. Sleigh bells ring, are you listening…

Well, yes, and that’s the start of the story. I was reading one blogger’s take on Christmas stories. The ones that are classics, have a dark side to them. My editor reminds me it’s supposed to be a Christmas story. Well, yes, and a Happily Ever After, but it needs the darkness too, the conflict, and the light at the end.

I was trying to watch the Good Witch and it was driving me crazy. She is sickeningly good. That’s no fun. lol

We’re supposed to have storms all day, no pool for my granddaughter and me. I’ve been pulling up a ton of grass and other weeds. Still have a ton more to do. But I’m also always finding fun surprises. A new holly sprouted! Not sure it’s in a good place. I might have to try and transplant it. But I hope it is like my neighbor’s. I love their hollies.

I’m off to play with the toddler. Have a great day!


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