The Beginning is Not Always the Beginning

As a writer, I have to remind myself of that. Sometimes, I have to get the backstory out, just so I know a little about the situation. I can’t plot out a story from start to finish. So I have to find my way.

I wrote the beginning, but it’s not the beginning. It doesn’t have any oomph. But you have to get started. You can’t edit what you haven’t written. And sometimes I find that the beginning is maybe a few pages down, or even later in the story. Or, it’s just to help me get started and I can get rid of it later.

In any event, on another sleepless night, I was thinking of how I wanted to start the story. Kind of. I don’t plot.

I took this photo of the orangutan momma and her baby eating lettuce leafs at the Waco zoo, but the background was so ugly and cluttered, I wanted to emphasize the momma and baby so added an oil texture.

Okay, I’m off to write before I have to go to the dentist. Who all hates going to the dentist????? I have nothing against dentists. They are good for my teeth. I just hate what has to be done to my teeth!

Have a great one!


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2 thoughts on “The Beginning is Not Always the Beginning

    • Thanks, Lola, finally able to sit down and write. Had to feed the puppies first. They don’t understand about how writing works. lol When you have an idea, you have to run with it!

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