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Whimsical Is Fun! New Rainbow Bear!

Rainbow Bear

Rainbow Bear

Confetti Bear

Confetti Bear

It’s fun to create just fun bears. Most want the typical light brown or blonde or dark brown bear and that’s fun too. But for me, like with writing, I like some variety in my life. So when I saw this rainbow fur fabric, I wondered how it would look.

But first I had to get my word count done. 3,000 words to reach 20,000. But then storms hit the area (that weren’t supposed to, like 0% chance of rain), the Internet went out, and came back on and right in the middle of writing, the electricity went off.

Disaster. So, I couldn’t write on the computer, didn’t want to write by hand, and made Rainbow Bear up with the new fabric. Confetti Bear fur has been discontinued, so I have just 2 left of that bear.

Anyway, I am back on the computer and trying to get my 3,000 words in, but I’m afraid it’s getting rather late for that. So instead, I’m preposting my blog and hoping to make up for it tomorrow. Sometimes storms just get in the way.

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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Request for Another Bear, and a Review!

IMG_5905 (558x640)

Another Confetti Bear. Better picture. The sun was setting when I took the one before this. It was getting dark when I took this one, but bear shows up as more of it’s natural white color and all its lovely confetti colors.

Still had a guest blog to do, but when I got another bear order, and another chance to watch a movie???? After working on 6 guest blogs yesterday?

You guessed it! I was ready to take a break.


I also got a great review this morning for Silence of the Wolf:

5 Ribbons!

An action-packed paranormal romantic suspense, SILENCE OF THE WOLF, the thirteenth novel in award winning author Terry Spear’s HEART OF THE WOLF series, will sweep you up into the storyline right from the very first page. Tom and Elizabeth are both alphas and there is an undeniable connection between them. Before long, they are heating up the pages as danger pursues Elizabeth. Not only is her family in the area, there is also the question of four brothers who were once part of the pack until Darien killed their father. Are they the ones behind the missing livestock, or is it her uncle and half-brother? Are the brothers back for retribution, or for some other reason?

With non-stop action, thrilling suspense, danger, a beautiful setting, well-drawn characters, this story will keep readers guessing right up to the very satisfying ending. The secondary plot of the four brothers also provides additional depth and appeal to the story. Although this is the thirteenth novel in this series, it can easily be read as a standalone. Since the first time I picked up one of Ms. Spear’s books, I have been a fan. She never disappoints and keeps the adrenaline steadily climbing with each book. If you are looking for a terrific story with plenty of the paranormal, mystery, romance, humor and heat, look no further than SILENCE OF THE WOLF. A wonderfully entertaining novel! By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

Reviews like this make me want to jump back into my writing! 🙂

But first, *sigh*, I have to do another guest blog.

Have a lovely Saturday!!!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”