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Are You Ready for Christmas?

Can I join you for a meal?

Can I join you for a meal?

The Dove doesn't have to share any thing down below.

The Dove doesn’t have to share any thing down below.

jaguar sleeping  (640x427)

I had to run a bunch of errands today, and I didn’t have time to drop by the grocery store, but still need to get a turkey.

Are you all set?

I turned in A Very Jaguar Christmas edits and am working on Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing edits. Intermittently, I take breaks to pack another box or 3.  Just like with the deadline on this, moving day is quickly approaching, and I have to have everything packed. Which is impossible because I have to still entertain for Christmas.


I look forward to a few days of just plain fun. But to get there, I need to get these edits done.

Hope you are having a great week!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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From Idyllic to Chaos

1 pink lily in a castle pond

1 pink lily in a castle pond

2 black faced sheep in Scotland near a lighthouse in the Isle of Skye

2 black faced sheep in Scotland near a lighthouse in the Isle of Skye

3 boat reflection, loch, Scotland where we were staying

3 boat reflections, loch, Scotland where we were staying

4 birds on branch on the walk to one of the castle ruins

4 birds on a branch on the walk to one of the castle ruins

And now there are 5.

And now there are 5.

6 seals a sunning

6 seals a sunning

I look back at these pictures–idyllic, and today it’s nothing but. I have two books in edits I’m working on, promo blogs for a 3rd, and in the middle of packing my house for a move. Which means I’m constantly losing stuff. Where is the tape again??? 🙂

But I am seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. I open a cabinet or a drawer, and miracles of miracles, they’re empty! It doesn’t look like it from outward appearances.

What’s fun about all this, and yes, I always try to see the positive side in the chaos is that I will have more fodder for stories. All the no shows for getting stuff done for one reason, or another. I had 3 guys coming for different things on Thursday. One showed up. One guy was supposed to come for the last two weekends. Now he’s supposed to be here today. We will see. The resale shop that was supposed to come on Thurs rescheduled for Tuesday. Truck broke down. The home inspector showed up and said he wouldn’t put furniture in the living room, but would rebuild a ’68 Camaro in there.  He said he rebuilt his motorcycle in his living room. And then he was telling me how he played bagpipes in a band that played Irish music songs, had been there three times, and wow, who would have ever thought??? And I was thinking he’d be a perfect character for a book. I told him so also. 🙂

So I was thinking how a heroine could be trying to get ready to sell her home, move to some idyllic location, but she has all these deadlines and everything is hampering her. Like, oh, I don’t know…a bad storm that knocks out her electricity for eight hours maybe???


Anyway, sometimes you need to just live life so you can have more to write about. Oh, my daughter is a dietitian for a school district and she said one of the food reps she deals with told her she reads all my books and just learned I was her mother. You see, it’s little stories like that that make all the chaos totally worthwhile.  🙂

How do I deal with all this??? I set daily goals. They’re often revised when people don’t show up or the electricity goes out, for instance, and I can’t get to my edits. Today, I’m shipping bears, hopefully two guys will show up who were supposed to last week, but in the meantime, I’m spending the day rereading Jaguar so I can turn it in, and then jump on Billionaire. 🙂

Have a super great Monday. Christmas is coming! Family is coming! The deadlines on the books are not going away. And the guys who are supposed to come…well, we shall see if they all suddenly arrive en mass. Wouldn’t that be a surprise? And unrealistic. But I can always fantasize. lol


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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Juggling between Edits, Writing, Blog Tour, and Publishing…oh yeah, and Puppies

I spent hours yesterday getting Kissing the Highlander ready for preorders and it’s up now at Kobo and Smashwords. Amazon to follow.

Kissing the Highlander final (438x640)

Five new Highland novellas by Bestselling Authors of Highland romances that will delight with mystery, intrigue, romance, drama and much more! From the authors who have provided countless hours of reading pleasure so that fans can slip away to the past and live among all those hot Highlanders.

His Wild Highland Lass by Terry Spear


The Highlander’s Charm by Eliza Knight


Heart of Stone by Willa Blair


Kilts and Kisses by Victoria Roberts


My Captive Highlander by Vonda Sinclair


His Wild Highland Lass by Terry Spear

Lady Sorcha Barclay fled her brother-in-law’s castle because of his unwanted advances. An awe-inspiring circle of standing stones captures her attention and she captures the attention of the laird who owns the land.

Laird Ronan Daziel takes Sorcha to his castle to protect her and give her a home. Before long, he wants much more. He’s duty-bound to take a wife whose clan wishes an alliance with his. So why does he long to have something more? Everyone loves the lass as much as he does. But he has pledged his loyalty to his clan. Taking Sorcha to wife could lead to battle on several fronts. How can he wed another when she stole his heart from the first moment he laid eyes on her near the ancient standing stones on his lands?

The Highlander’s Charm by Eliza Knight

They should be enemies… But passion and love know no bounds.

Returning from battle to England, Samuel de Mowbray discovers that his two younger sisters have been stolen by Highlanders. Determined to save them from vicious warriors, he convinces the king to send him north. While there, he discovers that his loyalties are wavering and that a headstrong, feisty lass could destroy everything he believes.

Catriona Buchanan must travel north to ask for help in saving her brother and ridding her castle of brutal English knights. Unfortunately, to do so, she must trust in the thing she mistrusts the most—an Englishman. Minute by minute, the man who should be her enemy breaks down her defenses. There is something different about him and she can’t help but be captivated by Samuel, and his steamy kisses.

Heart of Stone by Willa Blair

Riding home after two years away, Gavan MacNabb encounters a lass and her deerhound in a moonlit circle of standing stones. Little does he know the garland of bluebells she weaves and the spell she sings will change the course of his life.

Marsali Murray doesn’t really believe the old wives’ tale that making a chain of bluebells by the standing stones under a waxing moon will bring true love, but she’s desperate to try anything to escape the boring, everlasting sameness of her life.

Gavan has already seen much of the world denied to Marsali. He’s ready to settle down. She is eager to spread her wings. Can they find what they need with each other?

Kilts and Kisses by Victoria Roberts

Since the deaths of her parents, Ceana Gunn has lived in the shadow of her uncle and his family. She wants nothing more than to see her clan the way it was when her father was still laird. But her uncle has other ideas. Ceana soon discovers that the only refuge to be found is in the last place she expects—the arms of her enemy.

Luthais MacKay wants to be left alone. His only interest is training his prized hawks. He certainly doesn’t have time to listen to the petty squabbling of his clan when his father travels to Edinburgh and leaves him in charge. But when Luthais discovers a mysterious woman on his lands, he’s determined to unravel her secrets…one layer at a time.

My Captive Highlander by Vonda Sinclair

Can unexpected passion and a little ancient magic turn enemies into lovers?

During a fierce storm on the west coast of Scotland, Shamus MacKenzie barely survives a galley wreck only to be captured and held for ransom by the enemy MacDonalds. Aided by the gift of second sight, Maili MacDonald, sister of the ruthless chief, senses the handsome, dark-haired stranger will somehow be important in her life. Compelled to help him, she insists on providing him food and a healer to see to his injuries. She knows she is daft to fall in love with this captivating warrior after one forbidden kiss but cannot help herself. With each visit from Maili, Shamus finds his thoughts consumed by the enchanting lass. Can he convince her to help him escape the dungeon and prevent the impending battle between the two clans?



Smashwords, which includes Barnes and Noble (because they don’t have preorders available except via Smashwords) and Apple/Ibooks

It will also be out in print!

But you know you have to have glitches. So for whatever reason when I tried to convert the docx in Jutoh to epub/etc, the chapter headings didn’t show up on two of the authors’ works. Have no idea why not. They are formatted exactly the same as all the other chapter headings. Anyway, so it’s a total pain and I’ll have to probably go in this morning and manually book mark the links. That’s why I love Jutoh so much. It does it automatically, no mistakes, normally and it’s done.

So Amazon’s will take a while longer.

Because: I got SEAL Wolf Hunting back for final copyedits. I’ll have one more final proof to go over after this. And I will be getting first edits on Silver Wolf Christmas next. And I received two more blog requests for Jaguar Pride’s release on Feb 3. And I only wrote 300 words of 2500 on SEAL Wolf Diving for Trouble. argh.

I really need to get 2500 done a day. With so much to do on the other stuff, Amazon formatting, finishing up SEAL Wolf Hunting, NEED to proof the audiobook on Call of the Cougar, which has been on the backburner now for about four days, bought another book cover (did I ever mention I’m a book cover hoarder, but it was so neat!) and that means figuring out a title, tagline, etc, etc, etc, write the 2 blogs, including this one and another this morning, and now write 4700 words today on SEAL Wolf Diving for Trouble.

And then there are the puppies. Well, they got me up at 4 am, so the routine is they go to sleep in my lap so I can write, for an hour or two. They don’t get to eat until 7 or 8, but that means as soon as they wake, it’s time to potty again. *sigh* The adventures of puppyhood. Luckily, they’re not having accidents, and they’re not chewing on things they shouldn’t, for the most part. I caught Tanner with two of my socks yesterday.

Max is wearing a cone to keep him from chewing on his stitches from being neutered. He’s been grouchy with Tanner, partly because Tanner keeps grabbing his Elizabethan collar and tugging. But I think he might just not feel well either. So I’ve been trying to keep them separate to chew on chewsticks so Max has more time to rest up.

Tanner and Max conehead 004 (640x427)

Okay, got to get to work.

Have a super wonderful and fun…Saturday?

Wow, the time is galloping away!

Do you ever feel that way? That when you want to do something, take a trip to the islands, or something great like finishing the week of work and you’re OFF, that it takes forever to get there? But if you have a deadline or multiple deadlines looming, the time flies? It’s like if I leave early for an appointment, I hit every green light and have no traffic and am there even earlier than planned, then have to sit and wait. But if I’m running late? Yep, you guessed it….I get behind the tractor trailer traveling 15 mph in the no passing zone, hit every red light and get stuck behind every Sunday driver.

Funny how life works that way. 🙂

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”


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Old Time Lamps, Palm Trees, Wrought Iron and Voodoo–New Orleans, Where Else?

IMG_5940 (640x427)

I finally took a few pictures to share. If you wonder why my pictures seem to be the top of buildings, that’s because I was cutting out the multitudes of people, cars, etc. 🙂

IMG_5927 (640x286)

Someone said they had 25 cent voodoo dolls and she ran to get them. I didn’t see them, didn’t want them, but if you have such things in your books, you always have to think of things like this. What would work well to give to your readers? Even if you don’t give them away, how can you decorate your signing table or if you’re hosting a lunch or dinner for fans?

I’ve had readers, bloggers, reviewers take pictures of my displays just to share with others because they’re unique, catch reader’s attention.

Right now, I’m playing around with my Dog Days of Summer display, trying to figure out how I’m going to do that to catch attention. 🙂

It doesn’t mean anyone’s going to stop or buy or anything. But it makes me feel good if folks smile at the way I’ve created a display.

I need to get some paw prints, or something. 🙂

For now, I do have a statue of an Afghan Hound, because I had one when I was younger. A poodle. I have one of a Lab, but not sure where it is. I don’t have one of the silky terriers I had.

But it’s a start. 🙂

Okay, back to editing. I’m halfway done with Jaguar Pride edits and hope to finish those today.

Tomorrow, I need to get to work on edits on A SEAL Wolf for Sale and then send it to one more person to read.

And then? Time for The Viking’s Highland Lass.

I finished the 9 additional guest blogs and interviews I had to do yesterday, so yes!

Getting things done!

Hope you’re having a great week!!!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”


Cooking and Doing Edits at the Same Time Can Be Dangerous!

You know I do all this stuff to give you a laugh, right? To give me more fodder for a story, right? I don’t do it just for fun. 🙂 I do it with purpose!

First off, the setting:

It’s a cool, windy day, so not quite yet warm out. This is good in that it means the bugs are still at bay. My birds are happily eating at the feeders, not paying any attention to me and my pending disaster. This is the foreshadowing of conflict. Just in case you were already tired of the boringness of this post. Notice, boringness is not a word. As an author, I can take liberties with made-up words. It’s like James Bond having a license to kill.

But I digress. I usually bake something. Just set on the timer, the meal is done when it’s done. Eventually I pry myself away from writing or edits and go check on it. It’s usually still fairly hot.

Rarely, I fry something unless it’s leftovers and I don’t want to just reheat it. So I’ll make something special like roast beef hash.

Usually, I set the heat on low because I forget when I’m writing  or editing. And I try to remember to check on it, or sometimes boil another cup of hot tea and wait for the stuff to finish cooking. I really hate to wait on anything. I want action. I want to get more editing or writing done. Staring at food cooking or water boiling doesn’t do a thing for me.

Now, I was impatient. So I put it on medium heat, not a smart thing to do. All protagonists should have faults, and impatience is apparently one of mine. I’m not saying it always is though. I can be really patient about a lot of stuff. I just do other things and then no problem. So I’m not sure what clued me in. Maybe the slight odor of smoke? Hate smoke. It makes me ill. So any hint of it, and I usually notice. I have the door to the rest of the house closed, so it would have blocked the smoke for a time.

I rush through the house to the kitchen, choking on smoke, really, really a lot of smoke. Not exaggerating here. And the frying pan has flames all around the lid of the pan. They’re too  high to reach the lid and close it all the way.

But that is one way to douse the flames, cut off the oxygen.  I immediately turned off the stove, and moved the pan off the heat. Now, they say not to move a pan because you could splash burning oil all over you and that would be worse. The oil was only a thin layer, so it was too low in the pan, and mostly burned up to worry about.

I ran through the house to get the baking soda. That will also put out flames, BUT, it takes a lot of it, and I threw some on it, but couldn’t douse the flames because the pan’s lid covered most of the oil I would have needed to reach.

Now, I have to again mention the horrendous amount of smoke in the house. The oil burned off shortly after that since there wasn’t a whole lot to begin with, but then I was trying to as quickly as I could, open windows, the front door, the back door, turning all the fans on as I went.

I scared off a big old hawk sitting on the telephone pole and as I’m trying to catch fresh breaths of air, I’m thinking how much I wished I’d gotten a photo of him!

Remember my eau de skunk post? Well, guess what? The next thing I know, I’m smelling skunk. LOL

They say not to take the pan outside, again for the danger that you could splash burning hot oil on yourself. But after I opened all the windows, I took the pan outside, and made the dumb mistake of opening up the lid. What was inside? A whole bunch of smoke, which I promptly inhaled. And choked on.

Nothing was left in the pan but burned-to-a-crisp potatoes–or Cajun style, blackened.

I hadn’t put the roast beef chunks in, so… I had those cold. And that was the rather unappealing lunch I had.  And I’m back to baking in the future. This was a picture I took of a Japanese cook who makes fires on purpose. Not something I would do!!!! Just for clarification.

flames hibachi (486x640)

So… are you entertained???

Do you ever burn up your food???

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”

Hold the Presses!!!!


I was under the mistaken impression I had some free time. You know what they say, never put off tomorrow….blah, blah, blah, so I didn’t. It was either work some more on Hawk Fae or start listening to In the Dead of the Night to the audio files for proofing or get back to work on Jaguar Pride.

OR, I could take my break this afternoon and go grocery shopping, run the rest of my errands, and THEN go to see the Hunger Games.

Well, I figured I probably needed a break as I wrote 11,000 words one day on Hawk Fae, 7,000 the next, then 3,000 the last two days at night after working for 2 days on edits on Hero of a Highland Wolf.

Yeah, yeah, so you’re waiting for the story behind the picture and I’m really getting to it. That’s why I’m a writer. I like to write.

I chose #1–spend the afternoon getting my chores done, then watch a movie, figure I’d get home and catch up emails, and GUESS WHAT I found in my email. Hero of a Highland Wolf was received. Good. And then in the next email????? JAGUAR HUNT copyedits.

Who said ANYTHING about more book edits???? LOL

Okay, so that’s fine. These are the very final edits and they’re usually just for making sure there are no last minute mistakes. *sigh*

So the dragon fae in Hawk Fae will have to deal with all their trouble on their own for a little while longer. The jaguar shifters in Jaguar Pride are hardcore, so they can handle me being gone for some more time, and In the Dead of the Night? I’m sure the agents can figure out something to do with themselves in the dead of the night until I can get back to them.

Because I’m back in the jungle with more jaguar shifters!

See why it’s so important not to put things off???? Ever??? Unless you turn off your email.

Happy New Year’s Eve! I’m going to be partying in the jungle with a bunch of hot cats.

What about you?

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”

In Editing Mode…

Which means??? I’m not in a cave with him, but working in the jungle…so back to my jungle spot!!! They were due back yesterday. I got the edits yesterday. So you know what that means??? I can’t goof off. Nose to the jaguar, kind of thing. 🙂

This is not the finished book cover, but I love to show it off anyway! 🙂 He has the kind of smirk my character does in the book, sooooo perfect! 🙂

I’m giving a short Halloween story here today!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”